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Feel free to just say hi too! ❤

Here are all of the other places you can find us on the internet! We upload videos twice a week on our YouTube channel (Heart Full of Books) , update our Goodreads every day (feel free to add us as friends or follow our reviews – although full length reviews are mostly for this blog) , and we try and update on Twitter and Instagram as often as we can!

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Maddie | Bee

 Other Blogs:
Song Title Stories | Maddie and Bee

Song Title Stories is a blog that we share with Stacks of Sarah. Every month or so we choose a different artist and write short stories inspired by the song titles. Maddie and Bee is a blog we plan on filling out over the summer, but it’s more of a personal blog for our time at university. But it’s also going to be full of advice for students!

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