Review Policy

R  E  V  I  E  W    I  N  F  O  R  M  A  T  I  O  N

We will accept physical copies and e-book editions. If you’re interested in sending us a book to review, then please direct emails to:

We are currently NOT accepting review requests for self-published or unrepresented works.

We aim to publish our reviews within a week of finishing the novel, and are willing to work to deadlines for things such as book releases/ blog tours.

We will only accept YA or MG books to review and our favourite sub-categories are contemporary (coming-of-age or romance) and fantasy.

All book reviews are posted on our blog and Goodreads (links can be found here), and if requested we can also make a video review.

D  I  S  C  L  A  I  M  E  R  S

Images – any images used on Heart Full Of Books have been sourced from either Google or Goodreads and all credit for these images go to the respective owners. The background, header and about images were created by Heart Full Of Books using images found on Google.

Opinions – all opinions are our own, and they will not be swayed in a positive direction regardless of whether or not we received the book for review. We aim to make our reviews honest and trustworthy, if we find fault in a novel then we will point it out and give our reasoning. This works exactly the same way if we find something we love. We will always finish books, even if we don’t enjoy them. We guarantee that if we have received a book for review then we will read it from cover to cover.
We are not paid to write any of our reviews, and we do not wish to be. We write these reviews because we genuinely want to spread a love of Young Adult fiction.

R  A  T  I  N  G  S

5 Stars – We absolutely loved it! A book that earns five stars has the potential to become a ‘favourite’ that we would recommend to everybody. Five Star books usually contain fantastic character development, are consistently well paced, have a believable romance, and use minor characters effectively. We would definitely re-read this book.

4 Stars – This book managed to tick nearly all the boxes, but there was something to be desired. We still enjoyed the majority of the plot and characters, but felt there was room for some improvement. This may also be a book that we weren’t expecting much from, but were pleasantly surprised. This book wasn’t the sun but it was among the stars.

3 Stars – This book is perfectly average. It didn’t exceed our expectations, but it wasn’t ‘worse than we thought it would be.’ The majority of the books that we read are rated three stars. Books are more likely to receive three stars if they are similar to what we’ve previously read. We still consider this a positive rating, because anything three stars and above is worth reading!

2 Stars – We didn’t enjoy this book, however there was something redeemable about it. Although it had its flaws, which we will have elaborated on in our review, there were one or two elements to this book that we liked.

1 Star – We couldn’t find anything that we enjoyed about this book. There may have been the odd thing, but it either wasn’t developed enough or wasn’t sustained. These are the books that we would not recommend, and probably had trouble finishing.

Half Stars – These are added to our usual star rating if we couldn’t decide where the book fell on the scale.


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