Changes to How We Review

Heart Full of Books has undergone quite a few changes in the past months. We’ve been really trying to increase how much we post, and we’re also really hoping to improve how  we review books in the near future.

If you’ve been with us for a long time, then you may have noticed we’ve decided to start including this layout at the beginning of our reviews: Title, author, genre, published by, pages, format, rating, series and where to find. We implemented this change because we wanted to make our reviews as comprehensive as possible, and we realised if people wanted to know our immediate opinions we should really include our rating at the start of the review!

Maddie recently made a video talking about Rapid Fire Reading, and that got us thinking about how we actually format our reviews. A few weeks ago we clarified our star rating system on the Review Policies page, because we realised that without a clear structure of rating, we were reviewing books to two different standards – that’s what happens when one blog has more than one author! In the video she talks about the splurge of emotions that comes pouring out if we review what we read straight away, and although the immediate reaction is always super fun to write, and re-read after letting our opinions simmer ( Bee’s review of Waterfall  by Lauren Kate is a pretty good example!) sometimes the jumble is a little hard to read!

To improve our reviews even more, we want to start splitting up our reviews into subheadings – because who doesn’t love a good subheading? Those subheadings will be specific to each novel we read, although there will be some universal ones, such as ‘characters’ and ‘pacing.’ Hopefully, with these changes that will be gradually introduced over the next few weels, will really improve our reviews, and our lovely readers will get the most out of them too!

We hope you like the change in how we review books just as much as we do!
Maddie and Bee

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