Review: The One by Kiera Cass

The One by Kiera Cass20572939
Romance, Dystopian
Published by: Harper Teen
Pages: 323
Format: ebook
Rating: ★★★★.5
Series: The Selection (#1) | The Elite (#2)
Where to Find: Goodreads | Amazon

I was unbelievably excited to start reading The One, I had such high expectations for the final book in the series, and I was not disappointed! We all knew the ending, I mean the title of The Heir will pretty much tell you all you need to know, but I still anticipated every moment. Even though I knew the resolution: America had to be the One, I was still on the edge of my seat in every rebel attack, and whenever Aspen was in the room.

My favourite thing about The One, is that there was so much character development, and not only for America. We saw a change in the other Selected, one girl particularly shocked us all, as they realised that they were going to be the best of friends for years to come and they needed to start supporting each other. We saw a change in Aspen’s dependency on America – I liked his ending, although I thought it was a little out of the blue! And of course, America stood up for what she believed in, and didn’t let herself be bullied by the King!

The romance was bittersweet, with just as many heart breaking moments as the moments that made me squeal with happiness. Maxon and America’s relationship has not be the smoothest ride, and they’ve overcome a lot of struggles. I was still frustrated with the lack of trust in the relationship, and was practically screaming at America to confess about Aspen. Despite all this they were made for each other, and I can’t wait to see their relationship continue in the spin-off series. Hopefully now that America is the only girl in Maxon’s heart, everything will be a lot calmer!

Kiera Cass has had us wondering about the rebel attacks since book one where there was a brief incident. The Elite, had us wondering what kind of a threat these Northern Rebels really posed, and The One finally answered our questions! There was so much more conspiracy than I’d imagined, and every small reveal was exciting and plot driven. There was a surprising amount of death after the rebel attacks, and mourning time is something I often comment on in novels, so it’s only fair that I say I felt the characters grieved for a plausible amount of time, but considering the dire circumstances I understood why they needed to move on quickly. (My only problem was the bluntness of characters when they actually announced the deaths.)

The plot twists had my eyes glued to my Kindle as I got closer and closer to the end and my favourite characters were dying left and right. I was a sobbing mess by the epilogue, which, thankfully, I was crying through mostly because it was so perfect. The resurgence of old faces helped to cover up how many lovely characters we’d lost. There were so many tense scenes, that made this final book in America’s story so gripping. The One is probably one of the best conclusions I have read so far! I’m giving The One 4.5 stars, because it was so fantastic, but something is holding me back from giving it that final half star! Everything was there, and I was left wanting more, but I found America and Maxon slightly frustrating.

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