Paper VS Pixel: A Debate

photoEver since the Kindle was first created, there has been a lot of debate about whether people prefer books made of paper, or books made of pixels. I can’t chose, that’s why I love both, and that’s great. But, I thought I’d give you some advantages and disadvantages to both types of books.

Physical Books
+ Tangibility – Feeling the pages turn is an accomplishment – I feel so much success with each page that is read and can easily visualise the end.
+ The Smell – We all love the smell of a book. Who knew there could be so much variation?
+ Sharing the Love – Its so easy to give your friend a copy of ‘Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour’, rather than your whole Kindle which is, arguably, more priceless.
– The Price – I swear three years ago I could buy a new book for £5.99. Now most books are £7.99 and those extra £2 affect me.
– Space Issues – For those of us with limited shelf space, an obsession with physical books can be tricky.

+ Instant Purchase – If you want to buy something on an e-reader, you can do so in about 5 seconds, and start reading it instantly. (Which is great if your nearest book shop is ages away.)
+ The Price – Books tend to be cheaper on Kindle; even new releases can be under £3. ‘Anna and The French Kiss’ is only £1.99!
+ Discovery – E-readers offer a wide variety of books only available in e-format. Take ‘Clearwater Crossing’ for example, or novellas like ‘ The Queen’ by Kiera Cass and ‘Raven’ by Lauren Oliver.
– Reliability – With any electrical device, comes a battery life. Physical books won’t die on you in the middle of an excellent chapter.
– Corporate Guilt – Kindles are created by Amazon. That means any book bought via a Kindle will be from Amazon, the corporate giant who isn’t always angelic to booksellers. Buying physical books allow us to support independent book sellers! Yay!

So, which is better? I still can’t decide…so for now, I’ll just use both!


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