Review: The Lost Prince by Julie Kagawa

The Lost Prince by Julie Kagawa16090769
Fantasy, Adventure, Romance
Published by: Mira Ink
Rating: ★★★
The Iron Traitor (#2)
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The Lost Prince is the first book in the spin off series/continuation of the Iron Fey series. This time we follow Ethan Chase, remember him? Meghan’s little brother, the one that got kidnapped right at the very beginning. Well, it’s him, but he’s a lit different to how I remembered as the little boy with eyes full of wonder. Ethan’s seventeen and he’s ready to go on his own adventure into the Nevernever.

I was reluctant to continue with the Iron Fey series, that not to say that I didn’t enjoy the first four books, but I was pretty happy with the ending of The Iron Knight and didn’t know where the story could possibly go. But I still love a good fear story, so couldn’t resist buying The Lost Prince on my Kindle when it was being offered at less than £2. I mean, what would’t you?

I was easily sucked back into Kagawa’s writing style, I love the parts where Ethan isn’t in the Nevernever just as much as when he is. I have to say that I found Ethan as a character quite frustrating, because he had a bit of Harry Potter Modesty Syndrome (HPMS) aka. “Shut up, Harry, you need your dang friends.” He could’t seem to grasp the fact that it wasn’t up to him to make Kenzie’s (love interest) decisions. Apart from that I enjoyed his cynical and protective nature, he was reminiscent of Ash, and a greatly missed the original trio.

Kenzie was fun and just what this story needed, I’m interested to see how her confession with change the course of the following sequels. It’s definitely added another dynamic to the plot! But Kenzie wasn’t the only love interest, we also had Annwy n, Keirran’s love interest! Now, if you read The Iron Knight you’ll know exactly who Keirran is, and the dramatic irony was killing me! I couldn’t wait until the big reveal, and I was very tempted to read on ahead to find Ethan’s reaction. Keirran was a tricky character to read, I understood his motives – he’s the perfect mix of his parents – but I have a feeling he’s going to go down a slippery slope in The Iron Traitor.

What I loved most about this story, apart from the new characters, was the appear of my old favourites! Meghan, Ash and even Puck played their, albeit tiny, roles. And we even got Grimalkin and Leanansidhe, so what’s not to love. This sequel was the perfect way to continue the series, so if you too are aching for some more Iron Fey, then you should definitely pick up The Lost Prince, because with so many ‘Queens’ of the Fey, the rest of the series is sure to be spectacular!


4 thoughts on “Review: The Lost Prince by Julie Kagawa

  1. Wow what a beautiful cover! This book sounds fabulous, love your review – definitely going to add this to my wishlist!

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