Readalong Review: Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas

throne of glassI read ‘Throne of Glass’ as part of my first read-along with a friend of Goodreads! I thought as well as posting my formal review of ‘Throne of Glass‘, you may be interested to read my immediate thoughts on different parts of the book! But be warned, there are going to be spoilers, so only read this post if you’ve already read the book. So, ready for the bullet point style of notes?

Pages 1-77
 – Having read 75 pages, which is about a fifth of the book, it seems that not a lot has happened. I guess Maas is taking a while to set the scene, as we were told in the first three chapters about the Champion competition…when will that start?
– The first chapter reminded me very much of ‘Poison Study’ by Maria V Snyder, with a girl in prison being given an ultimatum. I have a feeling Celaena and Yelena are going to be very similar characters.
– I’m not so sure I want Celaena to have a love interest. She doesn’t seem to the be kind of girl that would want a boyfriend. (I’m going to call it early that I expect at least a love triangle…perhaps involving the prince?)
– So far, the writing seems very stereotypical of the fantasy genre. I like it that we weren’t overwhelmed with different places and names (the map is a nice touch!) but I wish the names were a little easier to pronounce! Chaol? How is that said?!
– I noticed in the acknowledgements that Maas credits The Chronicles of Prydain as an influence, which is what ‘The Black Cauldron’ (One of my fave Disney movies) is based on. I take this as a good sign.
– Having read ‘A Court of Thorns and Roses’ first, I can definitely say I like this one better! There was a reference to the rule and power of faeries, and I’m wondering now if ACOTAR was like a prequel to TOG before magic was banned…

Pages 77-150
– I think the plot is picking up a little bit now – I was a little disappointed with the first challenge, it was all very Robin Hood and it felt like Cel just wasn’t listening to the advice of Chaol. I don’t think she really understands the position she’s in, don’t get me wrong, being all sassy and back-chatting is fun, but she’s irritating me slightly!
– Also, the characterisation of Cel as an assassin, but also a reader and a master pianist is a strange mixture. I think I’m going to need more of her back story to understand her more!
– I think my favourite character is the princess. I hope she turns up more later!

Page 150-250
– Asked if I see a comparison with ‘The Selection’: As for Dorian and Maxon, I’m definitely seeing it! I think now we’re a little further through, the love interests are becoming more obvious, but to me it still seems out of nowhere. Why has Cel got to be beautiful as well as accomplished? Is it really necessary for her to have all these guys after her? That’s something I really don’t like about YA.
– I laughed at the poison tasting challenge – this is exactly like Poison Study, right down to the ominous murders. I definitely think the book has taken a different turn when Cel found the tomb of the King and Queen, I guess it’s about to get a whole lot more fantastical, instead of just Medieval.

Page 250-404
– I was just warming up to Dorian, it’s my pet peeve in YA romance when they break up because it’s ‘better’ if they’re not together. But, you’re right, it’s probably a plot device so Chaol can move on in and steal her heart.
– What even was the duel? It went on for ages, and then suddenly it was over. I liked the fact that Nehemia was redeemed, kind of, when she wasn’t in line with Cain, and she was supporting Cel, but, again, she’s probably the character that will betray Cel by the end…? I hope not, I did really like her.
– What’s going to happen to Kaltain? The offer she can’t refuse should be interesting!
– I loved the more magical elements of ‘Throne of Glass’ and hopefully now we’ve experienced them in this book, they can be used more (and perhaps with a little more explanation?) in the next books.
– Asked about Sam perhaps coming back from the dead: As for Sam, what a perfect idea! Apparently, he’s the love interest of the novellas. I never thought he was truly dead. He’ll probably hope up in book five or something, just when Cel’s choosing between Chaol and Dorian.
– The King is a poop. If he’s horrible to Cel, I don’t know what the next book is going to be like when she goes on missions for him 😦

Overall, it was a four star book for me! I loved it as the book progressed, and I did feel quite invested in the story. However, Cel’s characterisation did annoy me slightly, which can be improved in the coming books. Now it feels like the romances are actually happening I feel they’re somewhat necessary and am looking forward to the tension…maybe.


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