The Beginning | Web Series Wednesday #1

Struck by a bolt of inspiration in the dead of night, Bee decided we would create a web series.

We’ve wanted to create our own since we found ‘Nothing Much To Do’ last year, and made a video about our Top 5 Literary Web Series. We just didn’t know what we wanted to adapt. So many have already been made in video format, it was going to be hard picking one that fills a gap.

But, Bee’s midnight stroke of genius already knew what we were going to adapt: Persuasion by Jane Austen. It’s perfect!
Persuasion is one of the texts we’ll be studying at university, and something we’ve recently read. Also, with the help of the web series master post, we were able to discover that no other web series had been created based on ‘Persuasion’. So, there! A gap in the web series world, and a project that will fuel our academic study!

Of course, deciding to make a web series is one thing. Planning it is another.

There’s so much to think about that, as a watcher of web series, I never really considered. Do we want the experience to be multi-media? How many videos will the series be? How often should we upload? How many sets should we have? Which characters aren’t crucial to the main plot? And how the heck can we make 19th Century characters relatable in a modern day setting?

This series on our blog will document the behind-the-scenes adventure of making ‘Persuaded To…’ (our title of choice, isn’t it great!) and hopefully show how the web series will grow from preliminary development to final video!

Wish us luck!

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