Trailer | Web Series Wednesday #3

So, we’ve missed a couple of weeks! This was mostly due to moving into university, where our top priority became settling in and bonding with our flat mates. However, we have still been working on our web series in the background. Now that we’ve moved up to university we finally have the new set that we’ve been waiting for. Partly why we stopped working on Persuaded To… was because there was nothing more we could do! But now that we’re here we’ve got quite a bit of filming to do.

Recently on our booktube channel we released the teaser trailer of Persuaded To… which compiles some of the videos that we’ve filmed! We’re still undecided as to when we’re exactly going to start posting the videos on the official Persuaded To… channel, because we kind of want to wait until we’ve been able to gather the rest of the cast together.

On that front, one of the many theatre/drama societies at our university says that they enjoy bringing ‘classics up to date’ so we shall be getting in contact with them as soon as possible. After drafting an incredibly professional email posing our idea. Hopefully next Wednesday things with have moved along tremendously!

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