Lingering Finales

Unfortunately, over the last couple of weeks, I’ve had a little problem…although, perhaps it’s a big problem…I can’t seem to finish the last book in a series.

I know! It’s bonkers, as it’s only been a month since I posted about ‘Finishing Lots of Series’. Maybe all that finishing took it out of me, and I no longer have the insane ability to finish the last dregs of a book on my shelf.

I started reading ‘The Last Ever After’, last book of ‘TSFGAE’ trilogy, in the beginning of
September. I wanted it to be the first book I finished of the month, because I was really excited when I bought it, excited when it came in the mail, and excited to see how my favourite series ended. I got 30 pages in before I picked up another book. It
certainly wasn’t because the book wasn’t interesting! I love the first few chapters, but for some inexplainable reason, I wasn’t able to move past page 76.
LastSacrifice_Novel SG3LastEverAfter-hc-c-1421942066

Maybe it’s because the book is over 600 pages, and that’s always daunting. But even with a book here I can’t see how much left I have to go, due to it being on a Kindle, I still have trouble. Which brings me on to the second book I can’t finish: ‘Last Sacrifice’, the final book in the Vampire Academy series.

Both books have ‘last’ in the title. It’s like they’re cheering you on, letting you know that after this, there’ll
be no more books to love, so you better love this one the most. And I tried so hard to finish the VA series. I had three books left, and I read book 4 & 5 back to back.

I think not finishing ‘Last Sacrifice’ was more circumstantial. I moved out, and moved into my university dorm. Reading got pushed to the wayside while I packed up my favourite books and reorganised them on birch wood shelves. I did take both books with me to finish. Fingers crossed I manage to get them done!

Are there any last books in a series that you can’t finish?

2 thoughts on “Lingering Finales

  1. For me, it’s the Under the Never Sky trilogy. I read the first two when book two came out, and so although I love the series, I’d have to reread the first two before reading the finale and I don’t really have the time tbh aha

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