Review: The Last Star by Rick Yancey

24955557The Last Star by Rick Yancey
Genre: Dystopian
Published by: Penguin
Pages: 338
Format: e-book
Rating: ★★
Series: The 5th Wave (#1) | The Infinite Sea (#2)

I feel like the world has been waiting a long time for this finale to drop. The 5th Wave was such an action-packed story but the second left a little something to be desired, and I’m really sorry to admit that the third book took it down another notch. Not gonna lie, but this was kind of a mess. After the wait I was expecting something spectacular! With an awesome ending and satisfying closure on the whole things, but once again, I was left feeling disappointed. Here’s why:

  1. The chapters were ridiculously short. This seems like a silly thing to complain about. It kept the pace quick, so I basically read the whole thing in one sitting, but it relied on short chapters (I’m talking 3-6 pages) to build tension and suspense.
  2. It was repetitive. I will say that the perspective were distributed a heck of a lot better than The Infinite Sea where it’s basically just Ringer’s POV, but Cassie and Ben would repeat each other, even coming to the same conclusions (like Sam and the ABCs, for example) and they’d end their chapters with similar elliptical statements.
  3. It felt a little try-too-hard. Seven billion billion atoms, I am the stars and everything, that kind of stuff. What’s supposed to feel poetic felt too staged and not at all like how someone would write in a diary at the end of the world. (Let’s take a recess to talk about the fact that Cassie insinuated this whole thing was a personal diary collected together after the events like in Dracula. Has this been mentioned before and I’m just forgetful, or was this the case from the very beginning?)  But at the same time, when it got real and the characters were just yelling curse words at each other, I though the language was too crass and uncalled for. All I can say is: if Rick Yancey was a first year Creative Writing student then you can bet that his professor would question or cross through every time he used the ‘f’ word.
  4. Cassie has this weird obsession with her broken nose throughout the whole thing and I kept thinking ‘seriously?!’ She’s this badass girl whose only mission is to keep her brother safe, and there she is moaning about how her nose didn’t set right. You’ve got to be kidding me? I did like how Cassie divulged in telling Ben about her previous romantic feelings towards him in a ‘we’re all gonna die anyway, right?’ way.
  5. Everyone had it out for Evan. That guys got a death wish, but does everyone need to be moaning about how much they hate that guy? Also, his role in this whole thing confused me. Was he an alien or not? I honestly couldn’t understand half of what was ‘explained’ in this novel.
  6. I was confused practically the entire time. The stakes didn’t feel high enough, as crazy as that sounds, but it really did not feel like a bunch of teenagers against a horde of aliens. It felt like a bunch of teenagers against one or two bad guys. All the abstract language probably hid how little actually happened in this book. From what I could gather, it was mostly just one character splits from the group and tried to self-sacrifice in the names of the operation, and they kept doing this until someone wound up dead.
  7. Also what was up with Ringer? Considering in the previous book she got some mad enhancements she didn’t feel like the bad-ass hero I was expecting her to be. In fact, all of the characters felt a little weaker, and maybe that’s understandable since they’ve been in dire situations for a while now, but it didn’t pack the same punch as The 5th Wave.

I will admit that I thought the ending for each character could not have gone any other way. This time the deaths felt right and I don’t think anyone will be surprised by he outcome. Overall I gave The Last Star 2 stars. I didn’t hate it, but it wasn’t the best it could’ve been. We’ve waited a long time for this series to be over, and now at least it’s done.

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