Review: Rite of Redemption by Sarah Negovetich

30237509Rite of Redemption by Sarah Negovetich
Published by: Self-published
Pages: 242
Format: ARC e-book
Rating:  ★★★
Note: We received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

It’s been such a lovely experience getting to finally finish the Acceptance series. Sarah contacted us to read the first book, Rite of Rejection back when our YouTube channel had under 1,000 subcribers and it meant so much that a self-published author thought that our audience was big enough to share her work with. Since then, Sarah’s finished the series and we’ve got over 5,000 subcribers, so we’ve all come a long way since the debut, especially the characters of the series.  So, without further ado, let’s discuss. 

Firstly, the trajectory of the trilogy is extremely good. In each book, something significant happened to aid the cause of the former PIT members and help them bring down their corrupted government. It’s difficult to avoid cliches in the dystopian genre, because there’s really only one way the series can end, with victory, but we thought that Rite of Redemption withheld the victory until the characters deserved it.

If you liked Mockingjay, this book is definitely for one. Rebecca, the protagonist, definitely takes on some Katniss Everdeen qualities as she stands to represent the people abused by the system, and does all in her power to encourage others to join the resistance. There’s really nothing better than a strong female character, and Rebecca fits the bill.

Character relationships have come a long way since the beginning. There’s always been rivalry, and tension between some of the main cast, but I felt that in the finale, everyone banded together to achieve freedom. Rebecca is such a loving character, and her ability to care for those that didn’t care for her is commendable.

The romance between Rebecca and Daniel hits the rocks, slightly, but it was so interested to read about characters that were so young, yet so sure of their affection for one another. It really made a difference from other dystopian couples that can’t seem to communicate very well!

One of my favourite things, in any kind of genre, is the return of characters from previous books (see Geek Girl for some of the best examples of this!) Rebecca is joined by her best friend from the first book, and I definitely think that strong friendship was something I was really missing from these books, so to inject it at the end really bolstered the series.

Overall, we’re so pleased that we took the chance on Sarah’s self-published books, because it ended up being a really rewarding and flawless construction of a dystopian series. If you’re having withdrawal systems from this genre, we can’t recommend the Acceptance series enough! All the books are available on Kindle for just over £2 each, so what are you waiting for?

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