Review: Every Other Day by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

13148139Every Other Day by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
Published by: Quercus
Pages: 329
Format: Paperback
Rating: ★★★

I was really excited to find another book by Jennifer Lynn Barnes after reading and loving both books in her The Naturals series. Although the cover is kind of horrific, I didn’t let that deter me from exploring more books by this author, and although I didn’t love it as much as FBI teen agents, it was still an exciting read with a really unique plot!

P  L  O  T

Kali is a demon hunter one day, and human the next. It’s been like this all her life, with the cycle always continuing. Twenty-four hours as one, and then the other. As a demon hunter, she has enhanced senses and can heal extra quickly. As a human, she’s defenceless.

Set in a world where the preternatural, like zombies and dragons and kelpies, all exist and the human race is aware of this, Kali must try and save the life of a stuck-up cheerleader who’s been marked for death. Except, she’s human that day. Drama ensues.

I guess the way I’d describe the plot is messy. There’s a lot going on, with genetic experiment, mythical creature battle scenes, high school drama, vampire mind-reading boyfriends. Every Other Day keeps you busy, trying to sort things out in your mind.

But writing a paranormal stand alone is a difficult feat, and while in places the book could feel cluttered, in the end I thought it was successful.

C  H  A  R  A  C  T  E  R  S

Kali made a great heroine. She was selfless, determined and really good at what she did. As the new girl in school, she was out of the loop to begin with but settled in with a good group of people after only a few hours. She’s also dealing with a difficult family dynamic, full of secrets and lies, so this girl has a lot on her plate.

Bethany, the girl she must save, is complex. In the end, she’s not a snobby teenager, but someone willing to pay back everything she’s given with the same kindness. I liked how she defied stereotypes and injected herself into the action, even if Kali didn’t want her too.

Skylar was the cutest of the bunch, the most welcoming, peppy and a little bit psychic.  She was the force that drove the book forward, helping Kali to uncover some of those secrets and lies from her past.

I don’t think the male characters were as strong, but the three girls more than made up for it.

V  E  R  D  I  C  T

I’ve come to expect great things from this author. She really got me with her plot twists in the last books I read by her, but in this one, I thought it was lost under the cliches of the paranormal genre. Still, it was an interesting read and the fact that it was a stand alone was really satisfying. I’m giving it a solid 3 stars, and the stamp of approval for recommended reading!


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