Review: A Conjuring of Light by V. E. Schwab

31671570A Conjuring of Light by V. E. Schwab
Publisher: Titan Books
Pages: 666
Format: Paperback
Rating: ★★★★
Series: A Darker Shade of Magic (#1) | A Gathering of Shadows (#2)
Note: We received this book from the publishers in exchange for an honest review. 

I have been in love with this series for a year, and the time has finally come: the release of A Conjuring of Light. I also don’t want this to be a spoiler review and that’s going to be hard so I’m just going to do what we always do on Heart Full of Books when it’s a book we really liked and make a list. I’m going to do this slightly differently and work through some of my thoughts whilst I was reading, let’s go! 

  1. I was dead in the beginning, because everyone was just overflowing with emotion and it was too much. TOO MUCH. But at the same time I knew how it started wasn’t going to be how it continued, if that makes sense…(yes I am talking in the vaguest way possible.) It just didn’t feel like, under any circumstances, that V was going to go through with what she sort of sets up in the first 50 pages, so I was immediately impatient for the action to get going.
  2. Separating the gang. I don’t normally have a problem with this, but I feel like the first two books are really building to this brilliant team and I was really looking forward to the development of the friendships (and while this paid off with Alucard and Lila, I felt like the whole pressure cooker situation did not do anyone any good!)
  3. The saddest part was having Rhy and Alucard in two different places because they were both dealing with a LOT of stuff on the family side of things. Now, on one hand I’m glad that they could sort their own crap out, I felt like in AGOS there were so many teasers for what their relationship was like in the past but we still didn’t get too much of that in ACOL. I mean, we got a bit, but not to the extent I would’ve liked, but that’s coming from a hardcore Rhycard shipper.
  4. Holland. Wait, am I supposed to feel something for this guy? I don’t know, I was surprised by how affected I was by the flashbacks into his past and his relationships, because honestly in book one and two I didn’t care about him. I’m not that invested in the villainous characters so I don’t think I ever really attached to him, and I never felt the need to know more about his backstory, but V really made me care about him!
  5. THE BOAT TRIP. Ohmygosh this was like a school trip where the actual destination is a such a let down in comparison to the journey. The whole thing just felt quite funny to me (in a good way) even though it’s supposed to be this huge climatic thing because they’re on this mission to get something super important for defeating the Big Bad. It was sort of reminiscent of a Percy Jackson quest!
  6. the MARESHES. Wow Emira and Maxim were the centre of all of my tears. The whole Maresh family is SO STRONG in this book, and the only time I cried was at 12.7/8 which is pretty late in the story but I was just so overwhelmed. I loved all of Rhy’s development within these scenes, now that I’m thinking about it I really undervalued how much he learned when he was on his own. And all of the plot twists in this section were soooo well executed I didn’t see any of them coming. So, the Maresh family were a real highlight for me in this book. Can we get more Emira and Maxim stories from when they first met, because I swear tears were just rolling down my cheeks when Maxim was talking about his first impressions.
  7. V’s writing is so lyrical. Seriously, I could feel the sentences moving in waves. Everything was so controlled and perfectly crafted to make you stop when you need to, and put emphasis on the important descriptions. It felt like I was inhaling every sentence. Just the way that repetition and other rhetoric devices are used was so successful. I don’t think I’ve ever paid this much attention to writing before, but this makes me want to go back and read all of V’s books again!
  8. KELLIA. I’m not this ships biggest fan. I’m still like #Lilalikesgirls but I liked how this couple worked too. They never have to outright say ‘I love you’ or ‘I need you’ they’re still just sort of platonic even though they definitely do love/need each other. But it wasn’t overdone and they didn’t ride of into the sunset together and I really appreciated how things weren’t rushed between them and overall I definitely warmed to them more asa  couple because of this.
  9. RHYCARD. Oh my sweet children. What am I to say about them. I fell like in ACOL we see both Rhy and Alucard at their most vulnerable. As I said earlier, they’re dealing with their own issues and it just made the scenes they had together that much more special. There wasn’t anything near as tab-able as that delicious scene in AGOS, but some parts came pretty close. And then the ending was just like *kisses fingertips* magnifique.
  10. Overall, I thought the ending was just 10/10. I was really happy with where everyone ended up, and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. Something is holding me back from giving it five stars though and I think that’s only because AGOS blew me out of the water, so it was really unlikely that I was going to like this one more.

I just want to say thank you so much to Titan for sending me this absolutely explosive sequel – I loved it and can’t believe this series is over, but at least we have Our Dark Duet to look forward to in the summer!


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