Shortlisted for the UKYA Blogger Awards!

If you’ve been on Book Twitter over the last couple of days, you’ll know that the UKYABA‘s are all anyone can talk about. It’s where everybody comes together to celebrate the community’s achievements. There are awards for bloggers, established and new, for content and design, for social media activism and for vloggers too.

On Wednesday 17th, Bee and I were long listed for not one, not two, but three awards: Adult Blogger, Champion of Diversity and Champion Vlogger. We can’t even begin to describe how much this meant to us. We’ve been making bookish content for coming up to five years now, and while it’s been great to be recognised along the way for our hard work, this is just generates next level gratitude.

We’re so proud to say that on Friday 19th we were shortlisted for Champion Vlogger! *cue delighted squeals* *confetti* *happy dancing*

In 2013, when we first made Heart Full of Books, we were starting at a brand new sixth form. We were 16 and we’d left everything behind for something we were completely unfamiliar with. We’d been quiet and judged for our social interiority throughout secondary school. Blogging and making videos about books was the perfect way to open up about our passions and find likeminded people who would just get us completely.

We don’t know where we’d be without this community. It’s introduced us to so many books, friends, trends and other passions that we wouldn’t have found otherwise. It’s been a way to champion seeing our underrepresented identity in YA and feeling like we have voices that matter. It’s inspired us to write a book together! It’s led to so many opportunities that have made these last five years the happiest of our lives, despite the anxiety of exams every year and starting (and soon finishing!) our degrees.

Honestly, we’re just so honoured to be on a list with three other amazing women who make this community infinitely better by just being part of it. Jean, Zoe and Lucy are all so deserving of this award, so please check out their linked channels and subscribe!

The category we’re nominated for can only be voted for by publishers/authors, so if either of those apply to you, then please consider voting for your champion vlogger. You can do so by requesting a form through emailing with the subject: UKYABA Shortlist Voting – Author Voting Form. Voting closes on 31st January.

Thank you to everyone who’s supported us over the last five years, whether it’s through comments, likes, views or subscribing to our channel, we can’t wait to keep making bookish content forever. Yeah, forever seems right.

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