Balancing Reading and School

It’s almost October. I can’t believe that means I’ve survived almost a month of early rising, sandwiches and school.

School, of course, takes up a lot of time, especially when teachers give you extended pieces of homework about John Keats’ poetry or the reign of Edward VI. This means that instead of reading Vampire Academy in one sitting, I have to toil over one book for at least a week before I get the satisfying feeling of updating my GoodReads status.

However, when I looked at how many books I’d read so far this month, I was surprised! Eight books? Not bad! So, I decided to compile a list of tips for those that want to read more in the school year.

1.) Read whenever and wherever possible.

This might sound obvious but you’ll be surprised how much you can read whilst waiting in line for some pasta at lunch or when waiting for class to start. You can also read in your lunch break when your friends have a different lunch time to you, so it doesn’t look like you’re all alone (Am I writing from experience here?…)

2.) Read short books.

There’s nothing like a short book. You get the satisfaction of reading and completing something. A real moral booster.

3.) Listen to audio books.

This is something I’ve been doing more often. If you have a Kindle, there’s normally a text-to-audio option, or you can search Youtube for audio books (or buy one, of course) That way, you can still read, but play Animal Crossing at the same time and get two fun things done at once!

4.) Read books with friends.

Reading with other people can help a lot with motivating you to read. If you’re reading ‘The Darkest Minds’ with someone, as Bee and I will be soon (how many times can we make that promise!), then you have a set number of pages to read each day that you know you have to get done.

5.) Don’t set unrealistic goals.

You’re not really going to be able to read ‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘Clash of Kings’ in a month while at school, right?

6.) Just make time for reading.

If there’s always a time you read in the day, like before you go to bed, then it will become part of your routine. Simple.

I hope these tips help if you’re struggling to maintain your Reading Point Average and wish everyone luck for their reading during school!