Award: The Book Fangirling Blog Award

We were nominated by Kellie at Book Delights, so a huge thank you to Kellie! Fandoms are definitely something that Bee and I are apart of, but it doesn’t take over our lives as much as it could. So, let’s have fun answering her great questions.

The Rules

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you.
  • Answer the questions they set for you.
  • Set some new questions and nominate five more bloggers.


1. Which fandom do you think creates the best (subjectively) fanart/fanfiction/gifs…?

We’ve been following the eighth season of RuPaul’s Drag Race and seeing all the fanart of the queens has been AMAZING! Drag Queens make such great models for fanart because of their intense costume and makeup, personal favourite artists being: Chad Sell and dariendoodles!

And, more longstanding, the Percy Jackson fandom has always been on point with their fanarts, see Viria if you want to cry your heart out over the beauty.

2. How many fandoms do you identify yourself with? What fandoms are they?

SO MANY. At the moment, our current fandoms are Steven Universe (life-changingly adorable. (Those new episodes, though!)) and Victorious, because we’re discovering old Nickelodeon shows from 2008 and it’s the best thing ever!

3. Do you have any fandom items? If you do, what is your favourite item?

We have a lot of Harry Potter merch, from t-shirts and figurines to actual wands from the Warner Brother Studios, but our favourite things are probably all the dolls we have that assert us as part of the Mattel fandom.

4. Favourite OTP from your favourite fandom?

All time favourite fandom? Oh my goodness, how can anyone decide this? We did a video of our favourite couples, so turn to that to get to know us a little better! Currently, Cat and Robbie from Victorious are fuelling my happiness. (And the fact that they turn up in Ariana’s One Last Time video makes my life complete.)

5. What book (series)/fandom/tv series/anything will you remain a fangirl for until the very end?

Once Upon A Time. No matter how bad people say the writing is, or the trajectory of the character’s fates, we’ll remain in Storybrooke forever, or at least until Rumbelle get their happy ending! Similar things can be said for the Pretty Little Liars fandom. As long as the baes all end up together by the end of season seven, you can count us both as satisfied fans!

Our Questions: 
1. What fandom would you recommend to others?

2. What fandoms have you been part of for the longest and the shortest amount of time?

3. Do you contribute to your fandoms with fanfiction, art, gifs, etc. or do you just support and appreciate it?

4. What’s your all-time favourite fandom?

5. Do you have any head-canons, or only follow the canon?

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