Review: Extraordinary Means by Robyn Schneider

extraordinary meansExtraordinary Means by Robyn Schneider
Contemporary, Romance, Medical (?)
Published by: Simon & Schuster
Pages: 336
Format: ARC E-Book
Rating: ★★★★★
Where to Find: Goodreads | Amazon

I’ll start this review by saying that ‘Extraordinary Means’ has become one of my new favourite books, and is the best book of 2015, I’ve read so far. Good. I think that pretty much sums up the review!

Robyn Schneider classifies this book as a ‘young adult medical narrative’ in her author’s note. I guess this makes it similar to other books of the genre, such as ‘The Fault in Our Stars’. But, whereas John Green’s novel has slightly glittery edges (made shiny by tears), ‘Extraordinary Means’ is grittier. It was humorous without being pretentious. It was realistic without glorifying disease. And, yes, there were a few extended metaphors, but it wouldn’t be a YA book without them.
So why did I like it so much? Well….
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