Review: The Midnight Star by Marie Lu

28588345The Midnight Star by Marie Lu
Genre: Fantasy
Published by: Penguin Books
Pages: 313
Format: ebook
Rating: ★★★
Series: The Young Elites (#1) | The Rose Society (#2)

I honestly don’t think I was ready for this series to end. It was one of my most anticipated releases for this half of the year! The Young Elites was one of the first books that I read this year, and I was immediately drawn in by the delicious cast of characters. I’m pretty sure everyone knows by now that one of this series’ USPs is that Adelina is a bit of a villainous protagonist, but not in a fantastical super villain way, more in a ‘this girl’s had a hard life that has forced her to make tricky decisions in sticky situations’. Some people will probably say that’s mellow, but I’ve always loved Adelina, and the bond she has with her sister. And, for me, book two was even better, so I was going in with HIGH expectations, let me tell you.

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Review: The Rose Society by Marie Lu

rosesocietyThe Rose Society by Marie Lu
Genre: Fantasy
Published by: Penguin
Pages: 448
Format: Paperback
Rating: ★★★★
Series: The Young Elites (#1)

Wow. Just wow. I read The Young Elites earlier on in the year and wasn’t completely sold on it, but I was still pumped to see how the story progressed. Can I just say I loved it? Is that enough? Of course not! So let’s go into some of the more finer details as to why I thought The Rose Society was better than The Young Elites. That’s right, no second book syndrome here, folks.

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Review: The Young Elites by Marie Lu

23354036The Young Elites by Marie Lu
Genre: Fantasy
Published by: Penguin
Pages: 358
Format: Paperback
Rating: ★★★

At the beginning of last year – oh my goodness, is it that long ago all ready? – I read the Legend trilogy by Marie Lu, and it made it onto my favourite books of the year, so I had high hopes for the first book in her next series that came out a few years ago and, I think, the third book comes out this year. I’d heard a lot about The Young Elites on BookTube, because everyone was saying how different it was and how dark the main characters was, and I agree, it was different and Adelina definitely listened to her dark side, but I was expecting a lot more. 

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