Cover Comparisons: Spies and Sunglasses

Why is it that whenever espionage is involved, YA covers resort to the cliche of sunglasses? If you think about it, sunglasses aren’t a great disguise. You’ve still got the same stature, hair colour, smile…what is it about sunglasses that makes people feel like spies?

heist societyuncommon criminalsperfect scoundrels

First, we have the ‘Heist Society’ series by Ally Carter – this was my first experience of sunglass-overload. But sure, the sunglasses are being used to reflect the things Kat is trying to steal, so overall, it’s a pretty, succinct cover. But this leads me to think that any similar cover is a parody! 

code red lipstick fashion assassin
Which brings me on to the ‘Jessica Cole’ series by Sarah Sky. I haven’t read this series, but am definitely looking into getting these books – it seems like an original concept to combine fashion with espionage and delete the boarding school entirely. Does it have a ‘Totally Spies’ feel about it? So what isn’t original? … THE SUNGLASSES!

lucy carver one

lucy carver two
And finally, what about the ‘St Jude’s Academy’ books by Lucy Carver? So, there is a boarding school, but this time, murder is involved. We’ve got thieves, spies and detectives, who all have one thing in common: their choice of eye-wear. Props to ‘Killing You Softly’ for splashing out on the heart-shaped lenses.

Are there any other sunglasses covers out there that I’m missing? Preferably ones that grip the glasses, or emphasise nail polish colours! I love reading spy books, and other types of book within that genre of under-cover work, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes the similarities in covers makes it harder to pick out a book that seems original, if they don’t stand out from the crowd!

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