Review: The Blood of Olympus by Rick Riordan

18705209The Blood of Olympus by Rick Riordan
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Romance
Published by: Puffin
Pages: 500
Format: Hardback
Review: ★★★★
Series: The Lost Hero (#1) | The Son of Neptune (#2) | The Mark of Athena (#3) | The House of Hades (#4)
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I have mixed feelings about this ending. That’s probably to do with the nature of it being an ending. It’s hard to say goodbye to characters that I’ve really got to love over the past month, where I’ve tried to blitz my way through the series. Okay, so yes, I was slightly disappointed that Percy and Annabeth didn’t get a perspective – neither did Frank and Hazel! – and I can see why those that read BoO when it was a new release would have found this particularly devastating. Maybe it was because I was prepped for this lack of Percabeth that I didn’t feel too remorseful when they didn’t pop up after a Jason chapter. But what I also appreciate is that I wouldn’t have had the series end any other way. It started with Jason, Piper and Leo, so it should end with Jason, Piper and Leo. But, you know, with the odd bit of Reyna and Nice thrown in for good measure.

Reyna and Nico are the secondary characters that I didn’t really get to know until Blood of Olympus, and I wish that hadn’t been the case! Because dang it, Nico di Angelo is adorable and I will love him forever. Just another pairing to ship, I guess. (But, seriously where did Will Solace come from? – please, Rick do a Solico spin-off)

The plot was as action packed as ever, with intense battles and mini-quests that lead up to the devastating rise of Gaia and the giant. I loved the whole take your kids to work day vibe from the final battle, it was super great to read about the gods when they were all in one place interacting with each other and their kids.

Of course, I cried. OF COURSE I DID. Didn’t you read about my dear sweet Leo? Of course I was going to cry at some point when he was being all courageous and stupid. I had my doubts, I really though that something irreversible had happened. But you know, Rick Riordan, if there is any way he’s able to twist a prophecy, you can guarantee he’s done it. I was really really happy with the ending, it was the perfect mixture of bittersweet and adorable. The ending was probably my most anticipated section of the series in some sense, because I wanted to make sure these heroes, that deserve so much, actually got what they wished for. Also, there was some happy squealing.

So, yeah. There might have been a sufficient lack of Percy and Annabeth perspective – but, come on, they did get their own series! – and their purpose in the plot and action was significantly less in comparison to JPL, but it was JPL’s story that needed to be wrapped up! Therefore, I award 4 stars to Blood of Olympus, because I thought it was a pretty sweet end to the series.


6 thoughts on “Review: The Blood of Olympus by Rick Riordan

  1. It’s Solangelo, just saying. I really liked the Heroes of Olympus series, but the last book was kind of anti-climatic, no Percabeth and no significant deaths. I’m not saying, Leo or Percy or Annabeth should have died but like Reyna or Jason or someone. Anyway, good review! There is a book named Playlist for the Dead and I haven’t read it yet but it seems interesting so you guys should give it a shot, I think. Keep reviewing!!

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