Versatile Blogger Award!

We were nominated for a ‘Versatile Blogger Award’ by both Sarah, from Stacks Of Sarah, and Olivia, from Liv The Book Nerd! Thank you so much girls, you’re too kind šŸ™‚
The rules are as follows:
To show the award on your blog.
To thank the person who nominated you.
To share seven facts about yourself.
To nominateĀ a number ofĀ blogs.
And to link your nomineesā€™ blogs, and let them know.

Maddie’s facts:
1. Cinderella is my favourite Disney princess, while Honey Lemon is my favourite civilian.
2. Over 20 dolls decorateĀ the shelves of my room – star of my collection is ‘Cedar Wood’ from Ever After High
3. I have four copies of Cornelia Funke’s ‘Inkheart’, one in the original German
4. Dominic Sherwood is my celebrity crush
5. I named my fish ‘Gloria’ because of a health insurance advert
6. Blushing is my default response to anything
7. My most current obsession is the ‘Nothing Much To Do’ webseries based on ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ by Shakespeare!

Bee’s facts:
1. I name all of my appliances after my fictional boyfriends. Laptop = Jace, Kindle = Roger, USB = Dimitri. My phone is Esteban, but that’s because ofĀ The Suite Life of Zack and Cody
2. My OTPs are Pam and Jim fromĀ The OfficeĀ and Pedro and Balthazar from Nothing Much To Do
3. I’ve never managed to finish a notebook, but I have a HUGE collection.
4. I’m a Hufflepuff, which is pretty apt because my super power is savoir-faire.
5. Rosie is my favourite Animal Crossing villager
6. I think that the side-ponytail is a seriously underrated hairstyle and I will endeavour to bring it back.
7. Mint is my favourite colour!

1. Queen of Contemporary
2. Read and Reviewed
3. My Life In Books (And Other Things)
4. YA? Why Not?

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