Review: Unfriended by Katie Finn

0-545-21128-XUnfriended by Katie Finn
Contemporary, Romance
Published by:
Pages: 340
Format: Paperback
Rating: ★★★★
Series: Top 8 (#1) | What’s Your Status? (#2)
Where to Find: Goodreads | Amazon

This book was the perfect conclusion to the series! There were a lot of repeated themes, and the problem has basically been the same this whole entire series – dang it, Isabelle, every time! But no matter what Unfriended was excellent, because it really shows the joy of friendship and has a lot of good messages about communication and forgiveness.

In Unfriended Madison is forced to ignore all of her friends because Isabelle has secret information on all of them that could result in some serious trouble. As you can expect this book had the same sort of Agent Madison and squadron feel, with a heist similar to that of a Lizzie McGuire episode (you know the one.) All of these problems could be sorted out by talking to an adult, but who trusts them, and besides, planning an intricate retrieval mission with your friends is way more fun!

The characters were as dynamic as ever, and it’s pretty clear that I am in love with Madison’s friendship group. I love that although there are about 12 friends I still feel like I know all of them equally. This series really breaks the cliched boundaries of friendship where like-attracts-like. Madison’s group is so fun to read about because everyone’s different!

I didn’t really know where this story was going to go, but I can assure you that it resolved everything. All of the foreshadowing and hints from earlier on in the series came to fruition and my opinion on so many characters was turned around! At first, when the break-up happened, I thought this was going to be a mopey New Moon replica, but I was happily proved wrong. Madison learned some valuable lessons about relationships – with Nate and with Ruth – which were oh so heartwarming! The final verdict on the bully character was sensitively handled, with just enough power to inspire a reader, but reserved so that really everyone understands that blackmail is wrong and, you know what?, maybe adult should be involved in this kind of thing.

I could not recommend this series highly enough. It’s got the perfect summery feel with fast-paced plots that mean you can finish the entire series in a weekend! There aren’t enough words to express how fabulous this series is and I don’t really have anything to compare it to except maybe a Disney Channel Original Movie. If you suspend your disbelief a little bit and try and look over, or even enjoy the teenage drama that this series is filled with, then you’re sure to have a blast!

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