Review: Red Witch by Anna McKerrow

26200465Red Witch by Anna McKerrow
Genre: Supernatural
Published by: Quercus Books
Pages: 416
Format: ARC e-book
Series: Crow Moon (#1)
Rating: ★★★
Note: We received this book from the publishers in exchange for an honest review. 

I jumped straight into Red Witch after finishing Crow Moon. Once again, I knew practically nothing about the sequel and was pleasantly surprised to find it was from Demelza’s point of view. I thought she was an under appreciated character in the first book, but her POV meant that I lost the small connection I had with the characters from Crow Moon. I’ve just read 400 pages of Danny, at least tell me what happens to him and Saba! Red Witch did pretty much everything I felt was lacking for the first book, so now we have a pretty interesting climax ready for the third and final book in the series, which I will definitely be reading! There will be spoilers of Crow Moon in order to talk about the events of the second book, so if you haven’t finished Crow Moon, I highly suggest you do that first.

After Demelza cursed Skye and Bal, and Tom’s death, she’s feeling incredibly guilty and lost too. So, she ventures into the Red World, to see what it’s like and to find herself. The Red World was an exaggeration of life today, with a bigger influx of wealth between the rich and the poor. It goes into some detail about how humans are ruining the earth and that’s what’s causing negative energies. In Red World she meets three girls who like to think of themselves as witches and Bran, the leader of a mysterious group. He’s a very sketchy character, but makes Melz feel strong.

I really liked Melz’ transition into Red World, because it was a really clever and less overt way of explaining to the reader what Red World was like. Instead, we got to learn through Melz’ eyes. Catie was probably my favourite character, she was one of the wannabe witches, but when it came down to it they realised they knew nothing of magic in comparison to Melz.

Red Witch had clear sections: Melz in Red World Part One: the beginning, Melz in Red World Part Two: I am the ultimate witch – the Red Witch, Melz in Red World Part Three: something fishy is going on here, and finally Melz in Green World: what did I miss?

It meant it was pretty easy to put down, and it took me a lot longer to get into the story. It’s pretty fast paced but doesn’t feel rushed, which is a really amazing accomplishment. There were some bits I found slightly more tedious than others, but when the plot really got going I pushed through to the end.

I liked Melz in general a lot more than Danny, even though I was frustrated how little closure there was on Danny and Saba. Without running the risk of spoiling too much, I’ll just say that Red Witch has a tense, ominous side. It’s pretty creepy, and I felt constantly on edge. Red World is trying to find a way to suitably sustain itself a la Green World, but the land is already destroyed. There are some risky relationships and fake-friends, so I didn’t trust anyone in Red World.

When Melz gets back to Green World it’s an explosion of activity. There’s heart break and plot twist after plot twist that makes me so excited for the final book, and somehow I have to wait a year for it! Most excitingly, in my opinion, is the return of Sadie from book one! I’m really hoping, since we’ve had different perspective for each book, that the next story will be narrated by her! So far these books have been very original and entertaining reads. I would recommend them to any fan of the supernatural or weird cult societies. Overall, I gave Red Witch 3 stars. 

One thought on “Review: Red Witch by Anna McKerrow

  1. Not knowing what happened to the main characters of the previous book is incredibly frustrating! However, these books sounds awesome! I’ll definitely have to check them out.

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