Review: Kids of Appetite by David Arnold

29341439Kids of Appetite by David Arnold
Genre: Contemporary, Coming of Age
Published by: Headline
Pages: 352
Format: ARC e-book
Rating: ★★★★
More by this author: Mosquitoland
Note: We received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

I was so pumped when I saw David Arnold had a new book out this year! I read Mosquitoland around the same time I read Becky Albertali’s debut and Maddie read Jeff Zentner’s debut. So this time was pretty great for discovering new authors. I fell in love with David Arnold’s writing style IMMEDIATELY, even if I didn’t enjoy the story as much. Kids of Appetite had the perfect mix of witty narrative and FULL-ON plot. I was all about these kids from chapter one and am delighted to say that this author’s books are just getting better and better!

Kids of Appetite is about Vic, who’s father has died and his mother is thinking about remarrying. Vic’s all like ‘ah nah’ about this so nope out of the whole situation by scattering his dad’s ashes in all of the places that meant something to him, learning more about his parents along the way, whilst also meeting a rad group of people and they become the kids of appetite.

I loved the narration style! The story starts in an investigation room when Vic and Mad are being questioned about a murder(!) then jumps back in time and subsequently switches between the two times until they link up. Then the quest to spread the ashes takes the team to a bunch of different locations and that formula just made for a fast-paced story that I never wanted to put down!

There are two main POVs: Vic and Mad. Vic suffers from [insert here] so he’s a little jaded then there’s Mad who’s had a rough childhood. Like seriously horrible. I would not wish her life on anyone. So they’re both pretty troubled people.

Vic’s sense of humour is so perfect. He’s sassy but in a quiet way, and I loved being inside his head, especially with the extended in-jokes. (Be a super racehorse!) And as for Mad she’s as close as you can get to a manic pixie dream girl without actually being one, so hallelujah! Coco was feisty (I particularly loved the ice-cream related banter) and her raps were super hilarious. Baz and Zuz just complete the team, especially Baz and his obsession with writing people’s chapters, the revelation at the end was so perfect.

As for the tone, Kids of Appetite perfectly strikes the balance between being serious and down to earth with being laugh out loud hilarious and lighthearted. It just means the bitter more sombre moments mean more. Especially the heartfelt conversation Vic has with him Mum at the end. I was tearing up, for real. I really enjoyed this book. I did. And I can’t wait to see what David Arnold does next!

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