Wordbound: Personal Writing Goals

One of our favourite YouTubers, Kristina Horner, has just created this super awesome writing project called #wordbound, where a prompt is given every week to help you write about something. Bee and I both want to make writing more of a priority in 2017, and thought this would be a great way to keep it in the front of our minds, all year! So, look forward to this new feature on our blog, and a little insight into our writing! We couldn’t be more excited to give this a try! This week’s prompt is:

What are your personal writing goals for 2017, and what does #wordbound mean to you?

Our main writing goal is to start legitimately working on our joint writing project that we’ve been thinking about for the last year and a half, even though we created the concept a good three years ago! It was something we wanted to work towards in 2016, but we didn’t really know where to start. It’s an epic fantasy, something neither of us has done before, and there was just so much to think about in terms of character arcs and world building, so we let ourselves get overwhelmed.

BUT, I’m not going to beat us up for what we didn’t achieve. Instead, I want to remind myself that we did do some immense planning sessions, and developed all four of our main characters so they were all equally ready at the start line, instead of dawdling behind! We also shared the first (and only) chapter we had written with our writing group, and their feedback was beyond encouraging. 2016 was definitely a step in the right (or write!) direction and laid the groundwork to us actually achieving our goal this year!

Apart from getting a first draft of our novel done, we have no other goals. This one should be big enough to tide us over until the end of the year for sure, although Bee may continue to work on her excellent solo project that she focused on for NaNaWriMo last year!

So, I guess for us #wordbound means putting writing first, being bound to write something so that another year doesn’t pass by without us doing what we really, really want to do: write something together! #wordbound hopefully means making a dream come true, as soppy as that sounds!

Our schedule for these posts is going to work out that we complete the prompt on Sunday that was given on the Wednesday, so wish us luck, and hopefully at the end of the year, we’ll be posting about how we completely smashed our goal!

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