Review: The Witch’s Tears by Katharine and Elizabeth Corr

30796767The Witch’s Tears by Katharine and Elizabeth Corr
Fairy tale, Fantasy
Publisher: Harper Collins
Pages: 320
Format: ARC e-b00k
Rating: ★★★★
Note: We received this book from the publishers in exchange for an honest review. 

After loving The Witch’s Kissand getting to meet the Corr sisters, the sequel was something I was dying to get my hands on, and I’m happy to report that I loved it just as much as the first book! While the fairy tale theme that drew me to the first book isn’t as prominent, there are lots of things that bubble to the surface in its absence and I really loved. Please tell me there’s a third book coming?


So after the rather radical events at the end of The Witch’s Kiss, Merry has a lot to be traumatised over. The boy she loved isn’t around and she’s dealing with magic stronger than anyone’s ever had in her coven. What I absolutely loved about the story was getting to watch Merry actually learn to use her powers, and cast spells and write in her journey book. I think in a lot of fantasy stories, we take for granted that magic characters can do magic, and that it must have been a huge learning curve. Actually getting to see it felt really unique and interesting!

There’s also a ton of drama happening in Merry’s life now. Her grandmother goes missing, someone close to her dies (!) and there are two new boys on the scene, both wizards, Ronan, the one after Leo’s heart, and Finn, who’s Merry’s replacement Jack.

Things felt both domestically sweet and excitingly adventurous in perfect balance, my favourite things!


Leo was one of my fave characters in the first book, and I thought we really came into his own in The Witch’s Tears. There was such an interesting discussion about being the non-magical member of his family. I felt so much sympathy for him, and imagined myself in his position so easily. While it wasn’t a big tension builder in the first book, which was reflectively odd, there’s definitely a spanner in the works of the sibling relationship here. Merry’s getting more powerful and Leo doesn’t know how to continue feeling needed.

Merry also had some nice character development, mostly magical related, and I’m really pleased that even with manic things happening around her, she kept a relatively level head.

Any new character, though, I was so skeptical of. Wizards make witches feel nervous in this world, and I related to that wholeheartedly. My eye was twitching every time the boys appeared, and my nervous energy paid off! But no spoilers, of course!


Getting a gay romance in this story was amazing, because while Leo did have a love interest in the first book, his relationship with Ronan felt so much more concrete and no matter how skeptical I was of the wizard boy, I routed for their love to work out.

As far as Merry and Finn go…hmm, I wasn’t a big fan. She had such an encompassing relationship with Jack, I didn’t expect her to recover into a new relationship so quickly. I grew to understand the two of them, and it was emphasised that Merry felt two different things for each boy, so I’ll be interested to see how this love triangle spans out if a third book is in the works. Look at me, only just finished the second book, and already demanding more!


The Witch’s Tears was a super great sequel that fans of the first book will love, and I hope will draw a lot of new people to the series. Reading a sequel that remains consistent to the first book is a real rarity, so I couldn’t recommend it more!


What’s you’re favourite sequel? Are you a fan of fairy tale retellings? 




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