Review: Dawn Study by Maria V. Snyder

uk-dawn-study-coverDawn Study by Maria V. Snyder
Genre: Fantasy
Publisher: Harlequin/ MIRA Ink
Pages: ?
Format: ARC e-book
Rating: ★★★
Series: Shadow Study (#1) | Night Study (#2)

This is the end of a series that’s very dear to my heart, so before I share my thoughts on Dawn Study, I though I’d give a brief history of my time with the Chronicles of Ixia. So, I first picked up Poison Study for £2 from a bargain bookstore in 2012, and they had all three books in the first trilogy but I decided to only pick up one because I’ve bought a full series and been disappointed before. I took the book on holiday and read it over a few days and I was dying for the sequel. As soon as I was back in England I bought the other books!

Then a year or so later I found the Glass series which is the sequel trilogy in the same world but featuring a minor character from Fire Study and I had those on my shelf for ages before I finally picked them up because Shadow Study was coming out and I didn’t want to be spoiled on anything just incase. So, I whipped through those three books and it felt like coming home. I adore the writing style and the world is so rich, every book is entertaining.

I requested Shadow Study on Netgalley, but didn’t get approved, and then a while after got an email from the lovely Cara at Harlequin inviting us down to their offices for a blogger party where we’d get the chance to actually meet Maria! I can still remember how excited I was getting this email and I can go straight back to the moment I saw it online (I was supposed to be doing History coursework, and whacked the guy sat next to me in my flailing excitement!) I still think that night was one of the best EVER. It was great to meet so many bloggers and Maria herself! I didn’t bring all my books to sign because I thought that would be way to many, but I wish I had now! And I’ve been following the Soulfinders series ever since! It’s definitely been hard waiting a year for each book, when previously I’ve been able to binge, but the wait was definitely worth it!

Dawn Study perfectly finishes the series. You get to see ALL of the old faces, and everyone you’ve loved from the previous books. I was squealing whenever anyone would mention anything that happened ‘seven years ago’ or something, because although I haven’t been reading the series for that long, I’ve still watched these characters grow up! Yelena was only a teenager in the beginning and now she’s having a baby!

My only issue with this book was how the action moved forward. Especially in the beginning it felt like Yelena and Valek kept splitting up and then having to wait for the other to return, or one of them would go off on a mini-solo-mission and the other would inevitably become on edge. As quite a few people are saying it’s capture, rescue, repeat. Basically, it felt repetitive. I wish there had been a few more thrills and surprises, because I don’t think there were any moments, like I can remember having with previous books in the series, where I thought ‘wow, this is going to change everything!’ Then there was the villains. The Mosquito is pretty much brushed off their shoulders with minimal to no effort, and yet they have to go on a big tour to defeat the Cartel? It’s more people so I guess it makes sense, but I still felt like the dialogue vs. action scenes wasn’t as balanced as I had hoped. Also, though it wasn’t really an issue, it’s surprising how much Yelena and Valek have sex in this book (haha!) I know we’ve all been waiting for them to have some time together but it always made me giggle how distracted they could get!

I really loved Valek’s sections. I’ve loved getting a glimpse into his mind, in general, but in Dawn Study especially he’s got a lot going on with the Commander and loyalty and I found that part of the storyline to be super entertaining. Like, the Commander is still someone I feel we know very little about. We know his biggest secret but…still. But my absolute favourite parts had to be when we were with the Stormdancers! I loved seeing their fresh, young perspectives, and I feel with the rising of a new generation, there could so easily be more books in this world! What about Opal’s children becoming the next Master Magicians? I NEED THIS! It’s pretty obvious that Liana could be a game changer for the magicians when she grows up!

Overall, you can see how much these characters have grown and changed, and while the tone is different to the original trilogy, and because there are more perspectives than just Yelena, there’s not always the same dynamics you might love seeing, but I have journey with these characters across the longest series I’ve ever read, and I’m going to be really sad not to have another Ixia book on my anticipated reads list!



What was the biggest book hangover you got after finishing a beloved series? 


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