Sequels I Need to Read!

Normally, I don’t do too badly with staying on top of series I have going, (I’m still behind on reading popular series in general, but that’s another issue!) but there are quite a few that have fallen to the wayside, and I need to rekindle my love for a series by reading the second book!

The Witch’s Tears by Katherine and Elizabeth Corr

Maddie read this before its release, so technically I’ve had this one since December 2016! I really enjoyed The Witch’s Kiss, and I’m excited to see where the story is going to go – I’m hoping for more Leo and more medieval influences! This is only a trilogy, so I really would like to get round to the second book before the finale comes out because I don’t think I can wait!

Waiting For Callback: Take Two by Perdita and Honor Cargill

Now, this one isn’t too bad because it only came out in Jan/Feb, and I only read the first book very recently! I wanted to read them back-to-back but my Amazon order didn’t arrive in time, so I’d already moved on to something else! *shakes fist at delayed deliveries* I thought the first book was quirky and fun, even though I probably laughed the most at the acknowledgments! And I really want to return to Elektra’s work because I think the fun is only just beginning!

Crown of Wishes by Roshani Chokshi 

Again, this is one that was released in the beginning of the year, but time keeps slipping past me! I think it’s all this exam revision messing with the clocks. It can’t be May already, can it? Anyway, I didn’t particularly enjoy The Star-Touched Queen but I’ve heard great things about the sequel. It follows Gauri, the sister of Maya, and tells the story of what happened after Maya was taken away. I think this is the story I was more interested in anyway, and I’m pretty sure there’s a magical tournament, so if I can jump over the hurdle of Chokshi’s heavy purple prose, then I hope I’ll enjoy it!

The Hundred Names of Darkness by Nilajana Roy 

I received this duology from Pushkin Press a few months ago, and while I’ve managed to read The Wildings and really enjoyed it, I didn’t get round to marathoning this series either! I really love the cat’s voices and distinct mannerism, so I’m really excited to delve back into this Disney movie realness.

All About Mia by Lisa Williamson 

Okay, so technically this isn’t a sequel. But it is Lisa Williamson’s second book, so eh? eh? I’m counting it anyway! I’m really excited for this one because it focuses on three sisters, and what’s better than one sister? TWO! I’ve heard some great buzz about it on UKYAchat sessions, and recently discovered that my local library has a copy – the only thing holding me back from buying it myself was the fact it’s currently only available in hardcover! – so as soon as exams are over I’ll be racing to the library to snatch it up!

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