Bee’s Star Rating Statistics 2017

I’m writing this on December 9th. This year, I’ve been keeping track of my reading on a spreadsheet, because I wanted more details than what Goodreads would provide. So far this year I’ve read 211 books, and I can’t see myself reading too much more. I’m not going to take out books re-reads like Maddie did, because that would take way too long! But the numbers won’t add up precisely because I didn’t rate things I read for university or that I DNF’d.

8 books


8 is a little higher than I wanted, but at least it’s not quite 1 per month! I really didn’t want to be giving a lot of 1 star reviews this year, because there’s no need to if you DNF. These 8 books I probably should’ve DNF’d, but kept going, against my gut. Wintersong, for example is one I read with a friend, so I had to get to the end.

46 books


I’m so pleased to say that this year I gave more 3 star ratings than 2! Last year I gave an obscene amount of 2 star ratings, so this year I tried to combat that by trying to only read books that I was really interested in. I’m sure the majority of these books we’re for review, but if not then they were most likely disappointing sequels, or things I thought were overhyped.

68 Books


I still don’t give this out as much as I’d like, but these are the books where I don’t have much to say on them. Any I borrowed from the library or read digitally for review, I would probably like to add to my own library!

21 Books


I’m really surprised I rated as many books 5 star as 4 star, that just shows how rare my 4 star is. I still don’t think I know when to go from 3 stars to 4, but Traitor to the Throne, and Beware That Girl were no-brainers! These are the books that were exciting, and unexpected!

21 books


Whilst I might not have rated as many four stars as Maddie, I was pretty generous with my 5 star books this year! Although they weren’t spread out evenly throughout the year…  I love all of these books, and it’s going to be so difficult coming up with my top 10 of the year! There’s a lot of variation in the genre of my 5 star ratings too, which is interesting, and I’ll definitely be re-reading these at some point!

So, that’s the breakdown! I’ve loved putting my spreadsheet together, and I’m looking forward to seeing what the difference is going to be next year! I’m planning on being even pickier with the things I choose to read, so hopefully I’ve have even more higher ratings!

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