2016 Resolutions!

We made a video last year talking about all the things we wanted to start and maintain, and we managed to achieve quite a lot of them. Let’s make it a tradition to make resolutions and stick to them!

  1. T H E   T B R   J A R
    We did have one last year but it kind of…died. This year we made a new jar with coloured paper, pink for me, blue for Bee and yellow for series we want tor read together. The idea is to pick one separate and one joint series a month!
  2. K I N D L E
    Over Christmas, we each bought five books on our Kindles, but that’s the reading format we neglect the most. In 2016, we want to have read everything we have on our Kindles, and endeavour to use them more often!
  3. B L O G G I N G
    Last year, we managed to post on our blog for FIFTY SIX consecutive days and we want to keep being consistent with how much we post. Each year we have bigger and better plans for the direction of our blog, and this year is no different. From now on, there’ll be more series and spoiler reviews and more non-review posts too!
  4. W R I T I N G
    So, this is the one that’s easiest to break. We said we wanted to write everyday, and that just didn’t happen. This year, the goal is more relaxed, but still with a deadline. By December 2016, we want to have written the first draft of our collaborative novel, and we may do blog posts about our progress for motivation!
  5. V I D E O S
    Our final goal is to continue to post regularly on our YouTube channel, hopefully two videos a week! Fingers crossed!


Last Chance TBR

Collage 1 Collage 2
As December is upon us, this is our last chance to read any books that have been dangling on the end of our to-be-read list, hoping to be finished before the end of the year. In order to wipe the slate clean, and begin a new in 2016, above and below are the books we want to read this month! Some acclaimed stand alones, some series endings, beginnings and middles, contemporary, fantasy, dystopian. Fingers crossed we finish them all!

Collage 3 Collage 4