Review: Radio Silence by Alice Oseman

25322449Radio Silence by Alice Oseman
Published by: Harper Collins
Pages: 403
Format: Paperback
Rating: ★★★★★

We received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. 

Radio Silence was one of our most anticipated releases of 2016. After Solitaire made it to the top of our favourites list in 2015, we couldn’t wait to see what Alice Oseman would write next. Solitaire established her as an author that understood teenagers and what they went through on a daily basis, the struggles and the successes. Radio Silence continues this trend, and includes messages about doing what you really want to do, regardless of what others expect from you and sometimes what you think you’re future should be, isn’t what it will be, and that’s OK. After reading, we’d consider Radio Silence a necessary read for any teenager stressing about university and school expectations. Basically, the book asserted that everything is normal, and completely fine, which is exactly what teenagers need to hear.

We went out and bought copies of Radio Silence, before we received copies from the publisher and this is definitely a book I’m happy to own more than one copy of!

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Review: Solitaire by Alice Oseman

12127810Solitaire by Alice Oseman
Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Mystery
Published by: Harper Collins
Pages: 400
Format: Paperback
Rating: ★★★★★
Where to Find: Goodreads | Amazon

This. Book. Was. Incredible.
If you have no idea what to read, but want something incredibly REAL then you need to pick up Solitaire straight away, because it will have you on the edge of your seat and probably spread-eagle on your bed contemplating your life. This book was a true gem and it really deserves so much more hype than it’s received. I absolutely loved it, and I can imagine myself  re-reading this again and again, it really has become one of my favourites. Here’s why:

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