Books We’re Taking on Holiday!

It’s going to be a holiday of tomes! Since we’re going to be spending 85% of this holiday reading, we decided that the physical books we took had to be over 400 pages, and preferably a book we both haven’t read (there are two exceptions, though!) I mean, isn’t that the best thing about going on holiday when your sister has the exact same bookish taste as you? Sharing books!

A lot of these books have been on our shelves unread for a seriously long time, and what better time to read them than practically stranding yourself on a desert island with them? Okay, so maybe substitute ‘stranding yourself’ with ‘going willingly’ and desert island with ‘really nice hotel.’ Continue reading “Books We’re Taking on Holiday!”

Time Travelling Through Books

For a lot of people, books offer an escape. It takes seconds to pick up a book and become immersed between the pages. But it’s not only the book’s world you’re transported to! Whenever I reread a book, I find myself flooded with memories of the first time I read it. Books don’t just stay with you, you stay with books.

Inkheart by Cornelia Funke

I bought my first copy of this book when I was in France. We were visiting a fortress in this tiny, cobble-streeted village. After a little bit of exploring, we discovered an English book shop. It was one of those stores that didn’t really organise the books into genres. I was just scanning the shelves when I came across a used edition of Inkheart with the movie cover. That day, I went back to where we were staying and immediately started reading. Once I’d read the book, I realised the town we were in was a lot like Capricorn’s village! Now, every time I pick up Inkheart, I’m back in that converted French barn with a flagstone floor.

The Host by Stephanie Meyer

This book means summer. Despite the subject matter not being all that summery, I read it during the holidays, when a lot of our friends were reading it too. The movie was scheduled to come out the following year. I can practically feel the sun warming my skin whenever I glace at the spine on my shelf. Maybe it’s all those hot desert scenes?

Poison Study by Maria V. Snyder

This book was at the bottom of my suitcase for a holiday to Germany and, if I remember correctly, I started to read it quite late in the trip. I read it super quickly and was so annoyed with myself that I’d left the sequels at home. How I managed to survive another week without continuing with the story I don’t know! At the same time, I read Destined by Aprilynne Pike, which was the last book in a series that I loved with all my heart. I was deeply affected by the death of a main character and experienced my first ever reading slump – led face down on the hotel bed, sobbing uncontrollably. Not the best holiday experience, but certainly memorable!

The Clearwater Crossing Series by Laura Peyton Roberts

We’re pretty sure we read every one of these books sat on Bee’s bed, flipping through the pages like there was no tomorrow. The year that it took us to complete this 20 book series was pretty great. The characters were there for us just as much as we were there for them. Because the series was so episodic, it was like we were watching a cute teen sitcom. When we look back to the summer that we finished this series, it’s hard to imagine us sat on a bed because we truly were transported to Missouri.

Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi

Although it’s not one of my favourite books by far, I remember reading it with Sarah in her back garden. It was a really hot day, and I’d forgot to wear suncream, so my shoulders got a little burned by the time I’d finished the book, but it was worth it. Sharing a bench with a best friend is a great way to read, no matter what the potential health risks!