Riverdale Season One Finale: Sort Out Your Priorities.

The thirteenth and final episode of Riverdale, season the first, aired on Thursday night (and was available to all us non-US fans this morning, but not before 10AM I might add.) Although we found out the mystery of Who Killed Jason Blossom? in the previous episode, this was all set up to create season two’s mystery. (I’m not even going to talk about the last two minutes of the show because I don’t think I’ll recover (but whomever it was that got badly hurt, who may or may not be my favourite non-teen character, will recover, no doubt. Don’t shed your tears too soon, friends.)

But, apart from raising the stakes for season two, Riverdale did everything…wrong. Let’s discuss:

A. Cheryl’s Bombshell, AKA Selena Gomez didn’t executive produce Thirteen Reasons Why for this. Continue reading “Riverdale Season One Finale: Sort Out Your Priorities.”