Best TV Shows We’ve Discovered in 2017!

2017 has been an excellent year for us TV wise, while we’ve still been catching up with The Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl, and Pretty Little Liars (though thankfully that’s over now), we’ve tried to find new shows to love! Talking about TV shows is something we’ve wanted to introduce on our blog for a while now, especially since the finale of Riverdale season one, and we had some tHoUgHtS. So, here are some of our favourite new discoveries!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

We finished the two seasons of this amazing, diverse ensemble comedy about a bunch of cops and their precinct. The last time we bulk-watched a lot of TV was last summer, when all that was on was Gossip Girl and The Vampire Diaries. I forgot that comedy existed over those months, and I’m so happy it’s back in our lives! You know a show is beyond good when it’s really difficult to pick a favourite character. The diversity never falls back on negative stereotypes, we laugh at something in every episode, and any big plot arc is handed well without descending into cringe-fest like Frasier and Friends would. We’re watching this with our parents (which is a real feat as our Dad is always skeptical about US comedy and Mum spends the first episode of something IMDB’ing the cast) and it’s got to the point where we’re comparing each other to the characters. The only thing to ask now is…when is season four being put on Netflix? WE NEED IT.

Dear White People

We started watching this quite late and then watched three episodes in a row because it was just so GOOD and so RELEVANT and might be the reason we haven’t read The Hate You Give because Reggie’s episode halfway through was so powerful. I’ve said ‘so’ a lot, but that’s the word that needs to be added to every adjective. Seriously, if you choose to watch any of these shows, it probably should be this one.


We heard about this through Riley Marie’s YT channel, and when we learned this is where Hilary Duff’s been hiding, we knew we had to look it up straight away. It’s about Liza, a 40-year-old woman trying to get back into the publishing industry to find out she’s “too experienced” for the job, so she pretends to be 26 and lands the role of assistant to a marketing director! We binged watched the first season in a couple of days – the episodes are only short, so it was super addicting. It’s the kind of show that could very easily have given over to farce, but it stays logical and Liza reveals her age to some characters before the end of the first season, so it’s not draaaagged out forever. The viewership for each season gets bigger and bigger, so this show is obviously on the up!

The Good Place

I saw two tweets about it in an hour and apparently that was enough to convince me that it was something I needed to watch. It’s made by the same people as Brooklyn Nine-Nine so the comedy is top notch stuff. It’s so clever. I can’t believe how clever the writing is to be honest, and even though we just finished it, we’re going right back to the start to experience it all again! The pacing is absolutely excellent and Michael is one of my favourite fictional characters ever – his delivery is spot on ALL THE TIME.


Surprisingly enough, our parents watched this first and said they thought we’d enjoy it, and boy, did we. Unlike the comedies on this list that are really character based shows, Humans is plot driven but the change of pace was only part of what made this show so exciting. We loved the family dynamic of the show, it’s not often you’ll find a TV show that isn’t a comedy, that centres on a family relationship.


We got all nine seasons for our birthday this year and spent the first week of our summer break watching the first season in one go. There’s so much to love about this show: strong sisterhood, paranormal demons, forbidden love, humour and the ability to create a severe emotional attachment to characters that only stick around for one episode. We loved the vibe this show had, and need to return to it soon!

Britain’s Next Top Model

It would be wrong not to include this in the list. We’ve been obsessed. It’s like watching Geek Girl and seeing as that book series finished this year, we needed more crazy modelling shoots in our life, even though we can’t tell the difference between a good and a ‘bad’ photo because they all look stunning 100% of the time.