Review: Cold Spell by Jackson Pearce

16039122Cold Spell by Jackson Pearce
Genre: Fairy Tale Retelling
Published by: Little, Brown Books
Pages: 330
Format: Hardback
Rating: ★

I finally got to finish the Retellings series! I read Sisters Red, Sweetly and Fathomless so long ago, I was wondering if Cold Spell would make sense to me! Especially because the Snow Queen fairy tale is one I’m not familiar with, but it’s safe to say, Jackson Pierce made the story her own and it was extremely enjoyable! For this review, I’m not going to say much, just because as the series progresses, you get to know a lot of the secrets that link the fairy tales together, and to spoil it at the end would be pointless. But, there are a few key things that link the stories and it was fit very well into the tale.

I loved seeing old characters reappear, and loved how Ginny and Kai, the protagonists of this story, gelled with the rest. Ginny was a classic cool girl character, off to save her boyfriend from the evil snow queen. It was a great subversion of expectations, with the girls being the heroines, and that’s something that happens throughout this series.

Although Cold Spell wasn’t my favourite (that titles lies with Sweetly), getting to know the fairy tale was interesting, and the story was so past paced, I just flew through it. Action or some kind of event happens all the time.

If you like fairy tale retellings, I’d definitely recommend this series, as they can be read as stand alones, but if you want closure on the supernatural elements and the villains, read the whole series in order. Even though it had been so long since I read the third book, Cold Spell was easy to pick up, and even easier to enjoy.


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