Review: Legion by Julie Kagawa

Series: Talon (#1) | Rogue (#2) | Soldier (#3)
Note: We received the book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review

This is the fourth book in the Talon series, and it picks up immediately after the events of Soldier. I was pumped to pick this instalment up because, honestly, I just wanted to see what else Talon had up their sleeves. We have been building up to something big, I know that this book was going to be an explosion.

I feel like it’s also funny to mention that I’ve been thinking this whole time about dragons transforming into humans and how awkward that must be, and how does it work an all that, THEN I realised that that’s literally the premise to the old Disney channel show ‘American Dragon.’ I completely forgot that they turned into dragons in that too, so as soon as I started imagining Legion as a YA version of ‘American Dragon’ I was golden.

Just when I thought this series couldn’t get any more action packed, Kagawa pulls out a dragon army. This series has grown so much since Talon, the emotional tone is completely different, and it’s interesting to see how the characters handle it. This book is about survival and fighting against the odds. Garrett, Ember and Riley are all really serious about what they’re doing – to paraphrase High School Musical – they’ve got their heads in the game.

As for the love triangle: things are really sorting themselves out. By book four you’d expect they’re to be some sort of head-way in the choosing of things, and I’m relieved to say that Kagawa is moving forward – at least in one direction! And although I don’t think that it’s going to last long, I’m really pleased that the conversations Ember had with both boys happened. Romance also took a back-seat in Legion, which was also a pleasant surprise! I really enjoy seeing Ember make decisions and saving herself. At this point, it’s the guys that get in trouble and need rescuing!

Okay, so as I’ve been saying in every review of this series, I really like Dante. I know he’s sort of the villain now, but I always thought he needed more air-time in the other books, and I feel like he’s finally got what he deserved! His sections in the beginning build a better picture of what Ember and Dante’s lives were like as they were training to be part of Talon, and later on he’s the guy that gets to talk to the Elder Wyrm and be told very cryptic information about what’s in store for the rogues. I feel like even though he’s in a grey area he’s still got an emotional core, like, you can see that everything he’s doing is because he thinks it’s the right thing for him and his sister. I appreciate that.

So, the book ends with a ‘this is only the beginning’ thing, but I have no idea where this can go. It seems like both sides of the battle have pulled out their big guns. Each side has had a hostage situation. There have been deaths. There have been secrets and secrets and even more secrets and WHAT MORE COULD POSSIBLY HAPPEN. I need to know! Legion doesn’t stop to take a breath, and whatever happens next, I just know it’s gonna be good.




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